Accessories To Treat Yourself To When You’ve Landed Your First Job!

I recall the excitement of my first official job. It was my last semester at university and with immense excitement, I had landed myself an internship at a beauty company. Oh, how I dreamed of the no less than flawless corporate attire I would wear; feminine silk blouses, cute pencil skirts and crisp tailored suit jackets – deluded by one of my favourite films, The Devil Wears Prada.

Then there was reality. Much like the film, my experience of entering the corporate world as a fresh graduate was like breaking in a new pair of leather heels; tiresome, painful yet exhilarating and addictive all at once! While stillettos and pencil skirts haven’t quite made the daily ritual, I do have a few must-have essentials that I believe every working girl should reward herself with when landing that first big break!

The Bag
You might have spotted this one in a couple of my outfit post. My Philip Lim 3.1 Pashli is my everyday bag for the office. It’s the perfect size to carry a small notebook, pen, a few snacks, a bottle of water, make up and a light-weight cashmere throw as the office can get chilly! While it doesn’t need a designer label attached, my preference is always for something classic, a comfortable yet practical size that compliments any outfit. Opt for a dark colour to hide scuff marks and avoid anything too blingy or ostentatious, after all you should be the star of your career, not the bag!

The Stationary
I have a secret love for stationary! There’s something about matching stationary that makes my day. If you’re on the job hunt, I highly recommend getting yourself a compendium. Mine comes with a sleeve for loose papers (great for carrying copies of your resume and job description), a notepad, a pen and business card holders. Not only will you look super chic but more importantly, professional and organised. This compendium will also come in useful when you’ve landed gig, especially if you’re traveling for business or meeting clients!

The Watch

Like most people, whipping out my mobile phone to check the time is little more than a reflex. However, the humble wrist watch is the perfect sophisticated finish to any corporate outfit. I don’t tend to carry my mobile around in the office so this classic timepiece comes in handy for keeping me punctual for those internal meetings!

The Shoes

Being vertically challenged, heels for me are a must! I tend to go for chunky or kitten heels which depending on the nature of your new role, are perfect for dashing around in! This brownish-black pair by Melissa Shoes goes with just about any outfit while the heart-shaped gold buckles lends a little personality to my business attire.

The Scent

They say you should only ever use 1-2 different perfumes at a time to create that association between you and a specific scent (which can be difficult if you like collecting and displaying those pretty bottles on your dresser!). The key is to choose something clean and pleasant. Being a floral kind of gal, this perfume stick by L’Occitane takes me from day to night and has become a hand bag staple – a real lifesaver after a hectic (and possibly sweaty) day’s work. Stay away from anything overpowering. You want to leave a lasting impression that doesn’t detract from your awesome personality!

Good luck to any job hunters out there. Fingers crossed that the perfect one is just right around the corner!

Cassie xx

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Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Re-Reviewed

I’m an absolute sucker for a sale! At a major sales event, where the crowds are going mad with trying to snag the best bargain, is when I feel most in my element. With these euphoric experiences however, also comes the ingloriously shameful habit of bulk buying and over-stocking – if ever there was an apocalypse, my bunker would probably be stocked full of skin care and make up!

Anyway, I had been frantically looking through my ‘unopened product’ drawers for a replacement mascara, when I found this little lifesaver! I had used this product a couple of years back and had been somewhat disappointed due to it’s thin, clumpy formula which did little for my already sparse lashes.

Perhaps the first was a dud that had dried out but in desperation, I gave the second tube lying at the back of my drawer another go – to welcoming results!

An initially light but easily buildable formula, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara makes it easy to layer up your lashes without clumping. Probably my favourite aspect of this product is the brush. The super chunky applicator with its fine bristles catches onto each lash, while the rounded head allows you to target specific parts of your lashes such as the ends where you may want to build up more length.

If you are accustom to a ‘va-va-voom’ statement look, this won’t be one for you. I recommend the Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara if you prefer subtle make up as this product will lend a pretty natural lengthening effect!

  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara: 7/10

Cassie xx

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Style: 11.7.15 Reinventing An Old Dress

Dress by Alice McCall, top by Kookai and clutch by Oroton.

Just a quick post today as I really wanted to share an outfit that I wore a few weekends ago to my cousin’s engagement party. While I’m normally proficiently organised when it comes to these special events, for some reason the weeks had just slipped by. Before I knew it the day had arrived and still there was no outfit!

So I decided to run with this dress I had worn just the once to a horse racing carnival a couple of years back – only I couldn’t resist adding a little twist! While it was sunny, the weather was still chilly which meant extra coverage was ideal. Inspired by a previous layered look, I kept the top I had on and threw on this playful pink piece in a heartbeat!

… and this was the result!

Cassie xx

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Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Blanc Chroma Oil Cleanser Review 5jul15 – Shu Oil1

As you may have read from my previous post, I’m a massive fan of oil cleansing, which has received quite the reception in the last year or so. Cleansing oils have been building huge momentum in relation to trending beauty products due to their ability to cut through dirt, grime and make up without harshly stripping the skin of essential moisturising oils.

In my previous post, I wrote extensively about the benefits, method and my own experiences of oil cleansing using natural oils such as almond, tea tree and coconut but I felt it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss store bought formulas without at least giving one a try.

So I decided to give this cult classic a go after stumbling across it at a beauty sale! Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Cleansing Oils have had a huge following as the pioneer and #1 oil cleanser since 1967. While there are 4-6 varieties on the market depending on what country you are in, I settled on Blanc Chroma for it’s skin brightening properties (I have tonnes of freckles!).

The claim?

Purifying Clay Extract and polishing Lipo HA lightens the skin tone by thoroughly removing accumulated melano-stains (dead cells containing melanin on the skin surface that cause uneven and dull skin tone).

The verdict? Overall a great product! It removed all dirt, oil and makeup extremely effectively. I like the way this lightweight, pleasantly scented oil feels as I give myself a mini facial massage every morning.

In terms of brightening, my complexion looks clearer and my skin more soft and supple. I didn’t see much of a difference when it came to fading my freckles but having only used this cleansing oil for a week, I’ve got my fingers crossed in the hope that this might be more of a long term effect.

The only drawback, and this might even be a positive depending on your skin type, was that the oil left my skin a little dry compared to the natural oil blends I had been concocting (please check out my previous post, Oil Cleansing 101 here).

All in all, with the Shu Uemura cleansing oil being more lightweight and purifying than my own natural blends, this would be a great repurchase for the summer when my skin requires less moisture.

  • Shu Uemura Skin Purifier Blanc Chroma Cleansing Oil 8/10

Hope this has been an insightful review! Please share your experience with this product or other cleansing oils!

Cassie xx

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Skrink Me: Top Picks For Pore Problems

Pores, pores, pores! We love to hate them but they actually play a vital role in channeling sebum (the skin’s natural oil) up to the surface which in turn helps protect and moisturise the upper layers of your skin.

For all you oily and combination skin types, this is the cause of the very dilemma that has plagued your existence! Over-active sebaceous glands lead to a secretion of too much oil leaving complexions shinier than a wok’s surface! This excess sebum traps dead skin cells and bacteria, resulting in pimples, blackheads and enlarge pores. While the logical step would be to blitz your skin with a host of aggressive cleansers, sand paper like exfoliants and drying acne treatments, this only aggravates the skin, signalling the alarm to produce even more of this oily protectant!

But don’t fret there’s still hope! I like to think that understanding how things work is the first step to solving the issue  so I thought I’d start by debunking a couple of pore-some myths!

  1. Pores can’t disappear – they’re simply a part of your skin’s surface, all you can do is make them less visible to the naked eye
  2. Pores can’t open or close by themselves- contrary to popular belief that heating and cooling causes pores to expand and contract – pore don’t have muscles. Steam merely helps loosen dirt and oils to unclog pores resulting in them appearing smaller

Pores have been a huge focus of my skincare regime of late! I’ve found that fixing my pore problems has in turn helped solve lots of reoccurring superficial skin ailments. So here are my favourite pore refining products.

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Enhanced Facial Peel

The most important thing I’ve learned through years of trial and error in formulating the perfect skincare regime (not that there isn’t always room for improvement!) is: be gentle! Long gone are the days of my dismal attempts to scrub my face clear which not only aggravated the situation but caused scarring.

Exfoliating is key to removing those layers of dead skin cells that can end up clogging pores. I like to use this ultra gentle peel twice a week which removes dry skin, dead cells and other impurities from the surface without harsh or abrasiveness products.

Skin Doctors T-zone No More Pores Night Treatment

A leave on cream that works while you sleep, this night treatment includes one of my favourite skin care ingredients, glycolic acid to unclog pores, accelerate the skin cell renewal process and reduce scarring. Containing lactic acid, this product helps moisturise deep within the skin layers which decreases production of all that gunky sebum to visibly shrink pores! I use this in very small quantities at night as it’s quite potent. It’s also great for clearing stubborn blackheads without pinching or squeezing!

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

This is a product people either love or hate! I, personally am a huge fan and would highly recommend it for mild to moderate blackheads. A small paper adhesive strip that sticks, molds and dries to your nose (and they have ones for your forehead too!), it visibly pulls out blackheads from the core. I find this product works particularly well in conjunction with the Skin Doctors T-zone No More Pores Night Treatment as the strips are able to extract the oxidized solidified particles of sebum that the glycolic acid cream loosens.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack 

This is a product I’ve featured previously but couldn’t resist doing it again (check out the full review here). An ultra hydrating face mask to be left on while you sleep, I love the calming effect this light gel has as it pampers my skin throughout the night.

The deeply moisturising properties of the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack not only revitalizes, plumps and hydrates my complexion making my pores appear smaller, but over time (I’ve used this sleeping pack for a couples of months, every other day) has slightly decrease the oiliness of my t-zone during the day.

Rosehip Plus Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil

From harsh products, indoor heating, sun damage and general dry climates, our skin sure puts up with a lot! Like a tired toddler, stressed skin can throw quite the tantrum in the form of angry red protrusions and extra oily secretions. Then there’s aging. Like everything else that seems to get droopier with every passing birthday, pores also appear larger as we get older when the skin around the pore begins to loosen from daily wear and tear.

Renown for it’s amazing hydrating and anti-aging properties due to it’s omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin A and antioxidant content, rosehip oil is a great skin balancing treatment that repairs the skin and regulates sebum production, which in turn, helps to reduce enlarged clogged pores.

Thanks for reading! Please share your favourite pore refining products.

Cassie xx

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Juice Detox: Time Saving Tips & Tricks

I’ve always loved smoothies! They are delicious, easy and depending on what you put in them, can make a wholesome meal or snack on the go when time is of the essence. However, after months of pure unrestrained indulgence, I’ve been feeling a little worse for wear. So for the last week or so, I’ve started a liquid detox for 5 out of 7 days a week (as I just couldn’t say no to a cheeseburger on a weekend!), swapping a couple of meals a day for juices, smoothies and soups. While this diet may not suit everyone, I chose a predominantly liquid diet as it allows me to jam pack as much nutrients as possible (without eating buckets of fruit and veggies) as well as giving my digestive system a much needed break!

For me, when it comes to detoxing it has to be easy. If it doesn’t fit into my daily chaos, it won’t be long before I slip back into my indulgent ways! So undertaking this new lifestyle change, I’ve really focused on convenience, speed without compromising on nutrients and have come up with a few tips and tricks that can be easily incorporated into any juicing routine!

Freeze, Freeze, Freeze
Through this detox, the freezer has become my best friend. Buying copious amounts of fruits and veg can get pricey, while frozen berries have always been a stable in my freezer, buying fresh produce in bulk and freezing them when they’re perfectly ripe is a great way to save with no waste. Fruits such as bananas that tend to bruise and spoil faster than you can eat them really benefits from this little trick, they also happen to make a great base for smoothies too! Check out my basic smoothie base recipe here in a previous post.

Green Ice Cube Boosters
Green juices have taken the social media world by storm! The numerous toned to the inch bodies on Instagram has given me green juice envy but juicing daily can be a bit of a chore. To add a little more green each day to my plate (or bottle!) I’ve started making these super simple green ice cubes – pure kale, cucumber, spinach, celery and mint, juiced on the weekends, frozen for convenience. These little veggie shots can then be blended into smoothies or defrosted into coconut water or store bought fresh pressed, organic juice the night before for a bottle of bright green the next morning! You can also create purple cubes with beetroot and watermelon or red ones with carrot and red capsicums for a bit of a kick!Superfood Supplements
Along with my green ice cubes, superfoods are a great way to add extra vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants into your juice or smoothie. Freeze dried acai berries (check that a product is 100% acai as many brands contain fillers such as maltodextrin to bulk up the powder), chia seeds, maca powder and spirulina are some of my favourites. Add a teaspoon or two into your juice or smoothie for a seriously healthy punch!Herbs & Spices
For centuries, herbs and spices have been used for their various medicinal properties. Readily available in most pantries, these humble seasonings can add a real kick to your liquid cleanse. Why not add some grated ginger for immunity, cayenne pepper for detox and circulation or parsley which has a whole host for health benefits or like mine, mint for ingestion.

I find that making healthy dietary changes are so much about good organisation, prepping on weekends, creating good habits and consulting a doctor if you’re making a major dietary change. As with an m Hope you find some of these tips as useful as I have and I’d also love to hear your juicing tips and favourite recipes.

Cassie xx

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Style: 20.6.15 Clever Cover Up

Jumper by Kookai, pants by Ted Baker, bag by Lois Vuitton and shoes by Cole Haan.

Like a hat on a bad hair day, a jumper (a.k.a. sweater or pull over as one might call it in the northern hemisphere) is my remedy for those hair-pulling ‘I have nothing to wear days’ or if you’re anything like me when it comes to laundry ‘those every things in the wash days’!

Whatever the reason, it’s on these occasions that I’m ever so thankful to whoever invented this clever cover-up that disguises even the oldest (possibly the holiest!), faded tees and tops! Paired with a smart pair of pants and a classic bag (this was a 21st Birthday gift from granny – the only woman I know who’s managed to evade aging for the last 30 years!), like throwing the mess under a rug, it’s as if that frenzied morning never happened!

Short and sweet for today’s post! Don’t forget to share your tips and tricks for looking chic on those ‘bad wardrobe day’ moments!

Cassie xx

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Lancome Rouge In Love Lipcolour Review – Reds

If you’ve been following me for a while you might have worked out my obsession with a painted pout. A classic red lip complements any outfit which is why I just had to give Lancome’s Rouge In Love Lipcolours a go!

This was also part of the recent beauty haul I featured on Instagram (follow me here pretty please!) which I have been eagerly waiting to dive right into. I purchased three different reds from this range:

  • 340B Rose Boudoir (coral with a pinkish hue)
  • 159B Rouge In love (candy apple red, the brightest of the three!)
  • 163M Dans Ses Bras (A natural red with slight plum undertones)

The claim?

  • High potency colour and shine
  • Six hours long wear
  • Featherlight texture for comfort

The shades are classified into three categories: Jolis Martins for daytime, Boudoir Time for cocktail hour and Tonight Is My Time for night.

So here are the results!340B -Rose Boudoir159B – Rouge In love163M – Dans Ses Bras

Note the term lipcolour. This is a cross between a lipstick and a gloss. It’s not opaque like a traditional lippie that gives off that tattooed effect instead the colours are fresh with a translucent quality.

So to the good news. As moisturising as a balm with a creamy light texture, the colours are playful yet stunning. Because it allows the natural colour of your lips to come through, it complements most skin tones.

The bad news? Six hours is a bit of a strong claim. While the gloss didn’t last long, the colour faded evenly through meals leaving a natural stained effect over the course of a few hours. I didn’t mind this though as I quite liked reapplying it to soothe chapped lips throughout the day. For me, it’s not one for a big night out as I prefer a strong, bold lip for these occasions.

The Lancome Rouge In Love Lipcolour however is perfect for a more casual setting and I officially declare it my new everyday lipcolour!

  • Lancome Rouge In Love Lipcolours: 8/10

What are your thoughts on this product, if you’ve tried it? Or share your favourite red lipcolour?

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Cassie xx

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Urban Graphite Nail Art Tutorial & Essie Nail Colour Review

A lazy Sunday afternoon calls for the perfect opening in my schedule for Marco and a mani. And no, Marco is not my man but in reference to the Netflix series Marco Polo, inspired by the life of the early explorer which I’ve been obsessively watching (I always loved history – even if the show might not be entirely accurate)!

So picking up my recently purchased Essie colours, Bobbing For Baubles and Over The Edge, from my massive beauty haul featured on Instagram (please follow me, as I’ve just started putting up my most recent beauty buys and outfits here!), I drew inspiration from the real urban vibe that the dark denim blue and gun metal grey shades gave off.

What you’ll need:

  • Dark Blue nail polish
  • Metallic grey nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Nail tape

So on clean nails, start laying the tape in a random directions. Once you’re happy with the layout you’ve created, press the tape down firmly to ensure it adheres well to the nail to prevent any polish seeping under the tape.Now paint two even coats over the entire nail. I chose to paint my thumb and ring fingers in Over The Edge (grey) and the rest in Bobbing For Baubles (blue).Once the polish is semi-dry, carefully pull off the tape. The best way to describe when it’s ready is when the top layer has somewhat hardened but the bottom is still soft. Remove the tape when it’s too wet and it will smudge, remove the tape when it’s too dry and it might pull the polish off as well!

Once the polish has completely dried, finish off with the usual top coat and you’re done!

Overall, I’m mightily impressed by the Essie products. A crime in itself, this was my first time using Essie Nail Colours – better late than never! The polish went on smoothly and evenly with great colour pay off! What I was most intrigued with was the extra wide brush which allows you to cover more surface, more evenly than a regular sized brush. The dry time was also pretty quick considering I had painted on relatively thick layers of polish. So a big thumbs up for Essie, I couldn’t ask for a better product!!

  • Essie Nail Colours in Bobbing For Baubles and Over The Edge: 10/10

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!! What are your favourite Essie shades?

Cassie xx

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Style: 2.6.15 Maple & Bark

Vest by unknown, top by LNA, dress by Monrow, shoes by Zara.

While I proudly declare myself a city sleeker born and bred through and through, sometimes a girl just needs a little time away, time to unwind, smell the roses and get in touch with Mother Nature…

So on a chilly morning the Sunday past, Mister J. and I decided to take a last minute drive to the Dandenong ranges for some lunch. Comfy jersey maxi? Check! Fine knit jumper? Check! A super fluffy vest to brave the cold? Check! A wild scramble for a few winter essentials and we were off!

An hour out of town lay the Piggery, an old pig farm converted into a rustic cafe. I love this place on a cold day. Sipping on my chai latte, spooning rich, gooey mouthfuls of dark chocolate tart and other treats in the warmth whilst peering out onto sprawling lawn, the dewy grass sparkling as it catches the sunlight.

An attempt to alleviate the guilt of a gluttonous lunch calls for a light stroll in the gardens, despite the bitter cold. It was at this point that I regretted throwing on this cut-out knit, I was literally spotting cold shoulders! But hey, all in the name of fashion am I right?

What are your favourite Winter staples or trends?

Cassie xx

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