Break Free From Chips & Breakages: Recipe For Long, Healthy Nails

I find doing my nails quite therapeutic. It’s for this reason I rarely get my nails done at the salon, saving me a whole heap of money too! I literally beam with pride when my my natural nails are mistaken for acrylics so one of the questions I am often asked by friends is how to maintain healthy nails and prevent breakages (because we all know how devastating that is!).Get To Know Hand Cream My first and most important tip: hand cream! I literally have a tube of this stuff everywhere; in my hand bag, my car, at my desk at work and on my bedside table. Just as the skin on your face looses moisture throughout the day, particularly if you’re surrounded by air-conditioners and heaters, moisturising your hands regularly is the easiest way to prevent dry, brittle nails. For extra TLC, rubbing cuticle oil into your nails once daily will help give them that added nourishment and keep cuticles look soft and supple! My recommendation: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (Fragrance Free) and Revitanail Nourishing Treatment Oil

Cut, File & Buff Just as for healthy locks, we trim our hair, it’s vital to cut and file your nails regularly even when you are trying to grow them out. Trim down any chips to prevent further splitting of nail layers and finish off with a quick buff to smooth down ridges. My recommendation: The Body Shop Nail Polishing Block and Manicare Nail ClippersPerfectly Coated Give your nails the protection they deserve with a sleek coat of nail strengthener. This not only shields them from the elements but many products also double as a top coat or contain nail whitening properties. Another crucial tip if you tend to hand wash dishes is to make it a point to wear gloves when doing so. As tedious as this may sound, frequent exposure to water and the chemicals in detergent causes nails to dry out. My recommendation: Revitanail Nail Strengthener

Breath Free Nails that are constantly covered with polish, gels or acrylics will turn yellow and often weaken. So much as we all love that fresh mani feeling, it’s essential to let your nails breath! I try to alternate the weeks I have polish on and stay away from gels and acrylics completely (I can already feel the glare from those of you who might wear gels 24/7!). But trust me, your nails will thank you for it!

Nourish From Within A balanced diet is the building blocks for providing your nails with the essential nutrients they need to grow. Nails are composed mainly of keratin, a protein found in hair too! So naturally, foods such as red meats, salmon, eggs, milk and nuts that are high in protein as well as contain biotin, vitamin D, calcium, zinc and omega 3 fatty acids are crucial for the development of healthy nails. I also take a hair, skin and nails supplement for that added nutritional boost, but it’s best to check with your doctor to ensure that you’re not exceeding the recommended daily intake as some minerals are toxic in certain levels. My recommendation: Swisse Ultiboost Hair, Skin & Nails Liquid.

Hope you found this post useful and thanks for stopping by as always!

Cassie xx

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