OPI New York City Ballet Collection Review

I’ve been really into pastels of late! Whether it’d be fashion or beauty, pastels offer such a light feminine chic! After a spring clean of my nail polish box which involved throwing out a whole lot of dried up polishes (thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever finished a bottle of nail colour in my life!) and the bits and bops that seem to accumulate at the bottom of the barrel, I was seriously low on supplies!

So after stumbling upon the OPI New York City Ballet Collection online, I decided to make the purchase! It had all the pastel shades I had been looking for,  a pink, a white, a grey and as an added bonus, a clear glitter polish in mini size bottles which I hoped would reduce some of the wastage.

So the shades included in the collection are:

  • My Pointe Exactly (sheer grey)
  • Don’t Touch My Tutu! (wispy white)
  • Care To Danse? (lilac)
  • Pirouette My Whistle (silver sparkle)

While I’m a huge OPI fan, unfortunately this collection didn’t deliver. The consistency of the polish went on smooth and evenly as per all OPI nail colours, however, the colour or lack of was probably the biggest deal breaker. The polish created a milky, translucent effect which was quite beautiful – if only all three shades didn’t produce the same result. Even after three coats, I still found it difficult to differentiate between the three colours as per below (thumb – My Pointe Exactly, index and middle fingers – Don’t Touch My Tutu!, ring finger and pinkie – Care To Danse).

The biggest positive was the silver sparkle polish, Pirouette My Whistle, which has my full tick of approval! Like snowflakes on a frosted window, it added that much needed ‘pop’ when layered over the other colours.

Overall, the effect of the four shades, when used together created a pretty little manicure, I just wished there were more contrast between the three pastel shades!

  • OPI New York City Ballet Collection: 6/10

As I’m still on the look put for more pastel nail colours, please share your favourites!!

Cassie xx

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