Accessories To Treat Yourself To When You’ve Landed Your First Job!

I recall the excitement of my first official job. It was my last semester at university and with immense excitement, I had landed myself an internship at a beauty company. Oh, how I dreamed of the no less than flawless corporate attire I would wear; feminine silk blouses, cute pencil skirts and crisp tailored suit jackets – deluded by one of my favourite films, The Devil Wears Prada.

Then there was reality. Much like the film, my experience of entering the corporate world as a fresh graduate was like breaking in a new pair of leather heels; tiresome, painful yet exhilarating and addictive all at once! While stillettos and pencil skirts haven’t quite made the daily ritual, I do have a few must-have essentials that I believe every working girl should reward herself with when landing that first big break!

The Bag
You might have spotted this one in a couple of my outfit post. My Philip Lim 3.1 Pashli is my everyday bag for the office. It’s the perfect size to carry a small notebook, pen, a few snacks, a bottle of water, make up and a light-weight cashmere throw as the office can get chilly! While it doesn’t need a designer label attached, my preference is always for something classic, a comfortable yet practical size that compliments any outfit. Opt for a dark colour to hide scuff marks and avoid anything too blingy or ostentatious, after all you should be the star of your career, not the bag!

The Stationary
I have a secret love for stationary! There’s something about matching stationary that makes my day. If you’re on the job hunt, I highly recommend getting yourself a compendium. Mine comes with a sleeve for loose papers (great for carrying copies of your resume and job description), a notepad, a pen and business card holders. Not only will you look super chic but more importantly, professional and organised. This compendium will also come in useful when you’ve landed gig, especially if you’re traveling for business or meeting clients!

The Watch

Like most people, whipping out my mobile phone to check the time is little more than a reflex. However, the humble wrist watch is the perfect sophisticated finish to any corporate outfit. I don’t tend to carry my mobile around in the office so this classic timepiece comes in handy for keeping me punctual for those internal meetings!

The Shoes

Being vertically challenged, heels for me are a must! I tend to go for chunky or kitten heels which depending on the nature of your new role, are perfect for dashing around in! This brownish-black pair by Melissa Shoes goes with just about any outfit while the heart-shaped gold buckles lends a little personality to my business attire.

The Scent

They say you should only ever use 1-2 different perfumes at a time to create that association between you and a specific scent (which can be difficult if you like collecting and displaying those pretty bottles on your dresser!). The key is to choose something clean and pleasant. Being a floral kind of gal, this perfume stick by L’Occitane takes me from day to night and has become a hand bag staple – a real lifesaver after a hectic (and possibly sweaty) day’s work. Stay away from anything overpowering. You want to leave a lasting impression that doesn’t detract from your awesome personality!

Good luck to any job hunters out there. Fingers crossed that the perfect one is just right around the corner!

Cassie xx

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Style: 11.7.15 Reinventing An Old Dress

Dress by Alice McCall, top by Kookai and clutch by Oroton.

Just a quick post today as I really wanted to share an outfit that I wore a few weekends ago to my cousin’s engagement party. While I’m normally proficiently organised when it comes to these special events, for some reason the weeks had just slipped by. Before I knew it the day had arrived and still there was no outfit!

So I decided to run with this dress I had worn just the once to a horse racing carnival a couple of years back – only I couldn’t resist adding a little twist! While it was sunny, the weather was still chilly which meant extra coverage was ideal. Inspired by a previous layered look, I kept the top I had on and threw on this playful pink piece in a heartbeat!

… and this was the result!

Cassie xx

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Style: 20.6.15 Clever Cover Up

Jumper by Kookai, pants by Ted Baker, bag by Lois Vuitton and shoes by Cole Haan.

Like a hat on a bad hair day, a jumper (a.k.a. sweater or pull over as one might call it in the northern hemisphere) is my remedy for those hair-pulling ‘I have nothing to wear days’ or if you’re anything like me when it comes to laundry ‘those every things in the wash days’!

Whatever the reason, it’s on these occasions that I’m ever so thankful to whoever invented this clever cover-up that disguises even the oldest (possibly the holiest!), faded tees and tops! Paired with a smart pair of pants and a classic bag (this was a 21st Birthday gift from granny – the only woman I know who’s managed to evade aging for the last 30 years!), like throwing the mess under a rug, it’s as if that frenzied morning never happened!

Short and sweet for today’s post! Don’t forget to share your tips and tricks for looking chic on those ‘bad wardrobe day’ moments!

Cassie xx

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Style: 2.6.15 Maple & Bark

Vest by unknown, top by LNA, dress by Monrow, shoes by Zara.

While I proudly declare myself a city sleeker born and bred through and through, sometimes a girl just needs a little time away, time to unwind, smell the roses and get in touch with Mother Nature…

So on a chilly morning the Sunday past, Mister J. and I decided to take a last minute drive to the Dandenong ranges for some lunch. Comfy jersey maxi? Check! Fine knit jumper? Check! A super fluffy vest to brave the cold? Check! A wild scramble for a few winter essentials and we were off!

An hour out of town lay the Piggery, an old pig farm converted into a rustic cafe. I love this place on a cold day. Sipping on my chai latte, spooning rich, gooey mouthfuls of dark chocolate tart and other treats in the warmth whilst peering out onto sprawling lawn, the dewy grass sparkling as it catches the sunlight.

An attempt to alleviate the guilt of a gluttonous lunch calls for a light stroll in the gardens, despite the bitter cold. It was at this point that I regretted throwing on this cut-out knit, I was literally spotting cold shoulders! But hey, all in the name of fashion am I right?

What are your favourite Winter staples or trends?

Cassie xx

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Style: 28.4.15 Animal Print, Fab Or Faux Pas

Coat by Gorman, dress by KAIN the Label and watch by Swatch.

Animal print has always been one of fashion’s most temperamental friends. Get it right and you’ll be looking oh-so-fabulous, get it wrong and you have yourself a glorious faux pas. A trend that has woven in and out through the seasons, animal print is as timeless as a bold, crimson pout!

I had planned to do this photo shoot outdoors but with the heavens spewing down with a vengeance the entire weekend, I sadly had to take this indoors. This coat from the Australian label, Gorman is one of my favourite statement pieces. Whether it’s for work or play, I love throwing this on to spice up any neutral ensemble!

So when it comes to these safari inspired prints, I tend to stick to the following rules:

Keep it classy: too many dominant elements in an outfit makes it look more drag than fab. Go for simple classic silhouettes for coats and dresses and select jewellery that is more understated, after all the print itself should be the star of the show!

No mitchy-matchy: A matching leopard print tracksuit surely makes the majority of us shudder. Abiding by the same concept, avoid the tack as in most cases, one animal printed piece is more than enough!

Less is more: for a more subtle look, accessorising with a leopard print scarf or a zebra print pony-hair belt can really tie an outfit together and add something extra special.

As always, hope you enjoyed this post!

Don’t forget to share your favourite ways to work animal print and if you had any suggestions on what style post I should do next, I’m just a comment away…

Cassie xx

2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia: My Edit Of The Top Must-See Collections

Alas, in a chaotic scramble of designers, models, editors, bloggers and make up artists, Australia’s largest fashion event has come and gone again! In the midst of a hectic mid-week, I’ll keep it short and sweet but not without sharing with my fellow fashionistas, my favourite collections from the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, held in Sydney last week.

Fashion Week veteran and the godmother of the Australian fashion industry, Carla Zampatti kicked off the event with a burst of bright meadowy shades of yellow, pink and blue, coupled with clean lines to infuse a modern touch to classic silhouettes. Bubblegum pink heels peeking from under each ensemble added an adorable twist to this elegant collection… Photo: Lucas Dawson Photo: Lucas Dawson Photo: Lucas Dawson

In complete and utter contrast is the strikingly bold, unapologetically unique collection from Romance Was Born. An unlikely marriage of juxtaposing elements: tribal inspirations meets futurism, kaleidoscopic colours meets uniform black and angled sharp lines meets oversized, carelessly draped fashions, calls on all the eccentricities of a sci-fi, parallel universe, in a good way of course! Photo: Lucas Dawson Photo: Lucas Dawson  Photo: Lucas Dawson

…and finally a throwback to what you might now know as my favourite era in history. Johanna Johnson had us in awe of the grace and glamour of the old Hollywood charm. Cloche hats, feathered collars and effortlessly seductive gowns does justice to all the glitz of the 1920s… Photo: Lucas Dawson  Photo: Lucas Dawson Photo: Lucas Dawson

Which concludes the end of my super speedy edit of the top must-see collection of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia! Hope this has been an uplifting part of your mid-week and don’t forget to share your favourite picks from our Aussie designers!

Cassie xx

Style 12.4.15: Extending The Wear Of Your Summer Wardrobe

Jacket by BCBGMAXAZRIA, top by Kookai, maxi dress by Kookai, boots by DKNY and rings by One By Tuleste.

Unless you’re living smack bang in the middle of the equator, for most of us, the reality is that around half our wardrobes remain unused for a good six months of the year. Through the summer past, I’ve lived and breathed in jersey maxi and midi dresses. Maybe it’s the no fuss, feminine chic they offer or maybe I’ve been too darn lazy to be putting a complementary top and bottom together, but saying goodbye to some of my favourite pieces for another two seasons was just too hard to bear!

Inspired by my previous post on layering, I’ve given myself a cordial pat on the back for devising this ingenious way (probably a bit of an over statement!) of extending the wear of these summer dresses for a greater part of the year. I started off by throwing a grey marle, long sleeved top underneath, but added this black leather jacket and boots to give more of an edge to this outfit. In the past season, I tended to pair this maxi with ballet flats, keeping the look light and playful, so I was pretty pleased with the new dimension these winter staples added. In fact, this super comfy, blue jersey dress is hardly recognisable as the one that I had spent many sunny days lounging in.

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, this look would also be a great accuse to coax on the warmer weather by bringing out those summer pieces a little earlier. You could also play around with layering different tops, but be sure to keep it simple by ensuring that colours are relatively neutral as well as stay away from pieces that might add too much bulk to the outfit!

Cassie xx

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Style: 4.1.15 Weekend Picnic

Tee and skirt by Kookai, clutch by Oroton, flats by Tommy Hilfiger, cuff by Giles & Brother and my usual, Karen Walker sunglasses.

Hope everyone’s Easter weekend is off to an egg-citing start! Melbourne tends to boast itself to be the most liveable city in the world, however, if you ever were to visit, one of the first things you will find is that the weather is hardly accommodating. While we have officially entered Autumn a good month past, the weather has been a yoyo, varying from sweltering hot days to bone chilling winds that rip through the finest knits.

Last Sunday however, the odds were in our favour. Perfect sunny skies that made for ideal t-shirt weather and a weekend picnic, with good food to supplement great company. Adding a little more flair to the humble tee, I picked out an old favourite, this printed silk skirt from the Australian label, Kookai. To top it all off, I settled on a pair of ballet flats featuring neon pink and orange accents that compliment the sunset tones of this skirt nicely.

Of course, there would have been no picnic without some fancy nimbles! Being tasked with bringing sandwiches, I made two delectable combinations: roast chicken with a generous spread of chilli jam between two slices of an olive pana di casa loaf (any crusty olive loaf would do fine) and a baguette stuffed with honey leg ham and Swiss cheese. Both of which went down a treat!

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!

Cassie xx

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Style: 15.3.15 Creature Comforts

Woolen midi dress and fur scarf by Kookai, cardigan by Witchery, hat by Eugenia Kim and fish ring by Kenneth Jay.

Layering is a great way to get by these in between months, when warm sunny days are a thing of the past but winter has not quite unleashed its full wrath (or the opposite way around for you lucky northern hemisphere folk!).

It’s a great accuse to stock up on light weight pieces, more specifically cardigans, wraps and throws in wool blends, mohair and cotton. My preference has always been for natural fabrics, as they tend to have a softer touch and be more breathable than their artificial polyester or acrylic counterparts. You really can’t go wrong with a neutral toned, long line cardigan. This one pictured here is my most versatile wardrobe staple. Thrown over a blouse and pants for the office or a tee and leggings for lounging around on weekends, it’s been an absolute life saver whenever I’m stuck for what to wear!

Cassie xx

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Too Cool For School: Henry Holland’s Latest Antics at LFW AW 15

Image: Indigital

Over-sized and over the top, Henry Holland never fails to amuse, particularly on home turf. The forefront of British street wear, the epitome of cool, the House Of Holland Autumn/Winter 15/16 collection was undoubtedly a show stopper at the London Fashion Week.

Foregoing a traditional runway, models were pumped out on conveyer belt, like living dolls along a factory production line, an ingenious approach that certainly got everyone talking. I love how this metaphor was taken a step further, featuring brightly coloured plaids and stripes, prints magnified as if these fashions were miniturised, crafted from fabrics made by giants. Image: Indigital Image: Indigital Image: Indigital Image: Indigital Image: Indigital

Cassie xx

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