The Creative Blogger Award

I’ve been a little slack with my blogging lately. My world in the last couple of weeks has been nothing short of chaos! Between working 12-14 hour days and getting everything organised for my new house, I’ve been in a state of manic excitement, stress and everything in between. Before I retreat back into pandemonium, I would like to thank and give a massive shout out to the lovely Lauren Pickens from La Whimsy Writer (isn’t the name the cutest!!), for nominating me for The Creative Blogger Award. Lauren is amazingly versatile and always entertaining, so don’t forget to check her out! The Rules:

  1. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself
  3. Nominate 10 other blogs and their links
  4. Notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  5. Pass these rules on to them

In light of the tradition, here are 5 random facts about me!

  • My secret (now not so secret) aspiration is to star in a Disney animated movie, I’m obsessed with Frozen!
  • I’m a huge foodie, so much so I’ve out eaten my 1.91cm (6 foot, something) boyfriend on the odd occasion. We are huge fans of Anthony Bourdain and have literally planned holidays around his culinary recommendations.
  • I’m super pedantic about my skincare regime and will proudly admit that no matter how big a night I’ve had, I’ve never gone to bed without taking my make up off!
  • My favourite era in history is the 1920s to 30s as I’ve always been in awe of everything and anything made in the art deco style.
  • I’m a bit of a soy hot chocolate connoisseur (soy because of a lactose intolerance), I have it during meals, for dessert as well as a pick me up on the go!

The awesome blogs that I would like to nominate are (drum roll): Maison Bentley Style Chicinitie annie’s beauty… Dorkchops Denim & DumplingsElleKae stylesteph Sonam Naidu The Classified Chic Keishikibi | Australian Street Fashion & Street Style Blog Please check these amazing blogs out, as these girls always have something fun and interesting to share! Happy blogging! Cassie xx

Style: 15.3.15 Creature Comforts

Woolen midi dress and fur scarf by Kookai, cardigan by Witchery, hat by Eugenia Kim and fish ring by Kenneth Jay.

Layering is a great way to get by these in between months, when warm sunny days are a thing of the past but winter has not quite unleashed its full wrath (or the opposite way around for you lucky northern hemisphere folk!).

It’s a great accuse to stock up on light weight pieces, more specifically cardigans, wraps and throws in wool blends, mohair and cotton. My preference has always been for natural fabrics, as they tend to have a softer touch and be more breathable than their artificial polyester or acrylic counterparts. You really can’t go wrong with a neutral toned, long line cardigan. This one pictured here is my most versatile wardrobe staple. Thrown over a blouse and pants for the office or a tee and leggings for lounging around on weekends, it’s been an absolute life saver whenever I’m stuck for what to wear!

Cassie xx

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2015 Resolutions: My Blogging Journey So Far…

It’s been almost two months since I started this blog and boy, has time flown! I was scheduling an appointment in just the other day and it struck me, we’re in March already?

First and foremost I wanted to thank you all for your support, and putting up with any potential technical issues caused by myself from changing my theme 100 times over! But I also wanted to give a shout out to my amazing boyfriend who has obligingly taken all my photos, regardless of my dictatorship like approach to giving directions.

The last two months have been lots of fun and reignited my love for writing, which between all the bits and bobs of life, I haven’t done much of in years. I’ve also found blogging to be quite therapeutic, at the end of a busy day it’s nice to be able cozy up in bed, put your thoughts on a page and ‘zone out’ into the little part of cyber space I’d like to make my own.

I always love to hear feedback and comments, so keep in touch! Thanks again for all the likes, follows and for being a part of one of my new years resolutions for 2015 (tick!).

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Too Cool For School: Henry Holland’s Latest Antics at LFW AW 15

Image: Indigital

Over-sized and over the top, Henry Holland never fails to amuse, particularly on home turf. The forefront of British street wear, the epitome of cool, the House Of Holland Autumn/Winter 15/16 collection was undoubtedly a show stopper at the London Fashion Week.

Foregoing a traditional runway, models were pumped out on conveyer belt, like living dolls along a factory production line, an ingenious approach that certainly got everyone talking. I love how this metaphor was taken a step further, featuring brightly coloured plaids and stripes, prints magnified as if these fashions were miniturised, crafted from fabrics made by giants. Image: Indigital Image: Indigital Image: Indigital Image: Indigital Image: Indigital

Cassie xx

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Style: 22.2.15 Monochrome

Tee by LNA, mongolian sherling vest and leggings by ASOS, sandals by See By Chloe and watch by Fossil.

Monochrome has taken the world by storm, streets checkered black and white at London Fashion Week AW 2015, featuring as a prominent model-off-duty trend. A common misconception, monochrome actually refers to the use of different shades within a consistent colour, not just black and white. I’ve been quite taken by the monochromatic double denim fad, another popular look at LFW.

Today, however I’ve decided to stick to the classic, pairing an oversized cotton tee with black leggings, finishing off this outfit with a mongolian sherling vest and my latest buy, these heeled sandals by See By Chloe. The perfect no fuss ensemble for the weekend, who says you need to sacrifice comfort for style?

Cassie xx

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Style: 21.2.15 Romance Was Born

Crop top by Sportsgirl, midi skirt by Viktoria Woods, clutch by Oroton, bracelet by Swarovski and shoes by Melissa x Vivienne Westwood.

I have been truly spoiled by my man most recently, not only because of the Valentine’s Day just passed, but Mr. J and I have reached a very special milestone, our five year anniversary!

I decided to go with this pretty in pink outfit for the occasion. Literally obsessed with midis of late, this Brando midi skirt by the Australian label, Viktoria Woods has been a staple of mine this season, adding an effortless feminine chic to any ensemble.

In keeping with the romance, I polished off the outfit with these super cute pink heart heels (they feature a in-built bubblegum scent too!), a collaboration between Melissa Shoes and the wonderfully eccentric Vivienne Westwood. My only word of advice: this flirty ensemble was probably not the best idea after an indulgent dinner and dessert!

Cassie xx

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My Favourite CNY Treat: Pineapple Tarts

Chinese New Year ushers in the second biggest festive season for my family. 15 days of crazy relatives, manic chaos and boundless indulgence to be precise. Perhaps my favourite of these are my mum’s homemade pineapple tarts, little golden treats of pure heaven!

Exceptionally time consuming and readily available in most Asian stores, making them at home and possibly by hand has become quite a rare art. A buttery shortbread dough is individually cut with a cookie cutter, pressed with a traditional mould, topped with a caramelised pineapple jam and baked to golden perfection. Deliciously insatiable, my mum has resulted to hiding boxes of them around the house in the desperate hope that there just might be some left for the big day!

Style: 15.2.15 Contrasting Elements

    Maxi dress by Monrow, turtleneck top from somewhere in Paris, necklace by Disney Couture Minnie x Mawi and bag by Bao Bao Issey Miyake.

Turtlenecks have made a huge comeback this season, an almost unanimous feature on the pre-fall 2015 runways. A fan of this piece of fashion, I’ve always found a certain understated sexiness about it.

Having said that, this all black ensemble is quite a different look for me, a little too demure compared to my usual self! So to lighten things up, I’ve polished off this outfit with a couple of playful surprises: a Minnie Mouse necklace (the pendent is actually a headband with a pair of mouse ears, too cute!) and this bag from Issey Miyake’s Bao Bao collection, a gift from my aunt and uncle from Japan. I simply adore the geometric, origami like facade and the way the sharp, modern lines contrast against an otherwise classic ensemble.

Cassie xx

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Mister J’s Valentine’s Day Surprise: A Scrumptious Strawberry Tart

My Valentine’s Day surprise to Mr. J this year was a humble one. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so taking this advice wholeheartedly, I’ve secretly baked his favourite dessert, strawberry tart of course!

I pride myself to be a pretty decent cook, baking on the other hand has never been my forte. Precision and exact measurements have never been my thing instead, being the recipe whore that I am, I prefer to mix and match whatever I google! However, on this occasion all that freestyling back fired, in the midst of combining 3 recipes I forgot to add the egg to the pastry (I kneaded for ages and added tonnes more butter but couldn’t figure out why the dough wouldn’t bind)!

While I suspect my base will be extra rich and buttery (probably more crumbly too), other than that little mishap, everything else went smoothly. The filling is a simple mascarpone combined with sugar and lemon juice while the strawberries have been glazed with a raspberry compote with a little gelatine. I would have loved to share this recipe, if only I knew exactly what was actually in it!

A successful surprise: He ended having a quarter of the tart for breakfast!