Juice Detox: Time Saving Tips & Tricks

I’ve always loved smoothies! They are delicious, easy and depending on what you put in them, can make a wholesome meal or snack on the go when time is of the essence. However, after months of pure unrestrained indulgence, I’ve been feeling a little worse for wear. So for the last week or so, I’ve started a liquid detox for 5 out of 7 days a week (as I just couldn’t say no to a cheeseburger on a weekend!), swapping a couple of meals a day for juices, smoothies and soups. While this diet may not suit everyone, I chose a predominantly liquid diet as it allows me to jam pack as much nutrients as possible (without eating buckets of fruit and veggies) as well as giving my digestive system a much needed break!

For me, when it comes to detoxing it has to be easy. If it doesn’t fit into my daily chaos, it won’t be long before I slip back into my indulgent ways! So undertaking this new lifestyle change, I’ve really focused on convenience, speed without compromising on nutrients and have come up with a few tips and tricks that can be easily incorporated into any juicing routine!

Freeze, Freeze, Freeze
Through this detox, the freezer has become my best friend. Buying copious amounts of fruits and veg can get pricey, while frozen berries have always been a stable in my freezer, buying fresh produce in bulk and freezing them when they’re perfectly ripe is a great way to save with no waste. Fruits such as bananas that tend to bruise and spoil faster than you can eat them really benefits from this little trick, they also happen to make a great base for smoothies too! Check out my basic smoothie base recipe here in a previous post.

Green Ice Cube Boosters
Green juices have taken the social media world by storm! The numerous toned to the inch bodies on Instagram has given me green juice envy but juicing daily can be a bit of a chore. To add a little more green each day to my plate (or bottle!) I’ve started making these super simple green ice cubes – pure kale, cucumber, spinach, celery and mint, juiced on the weekends, frozen for convenience. These little veggie shots can then be blended into smoothies or defrosted into coconut water or store bought fresh pressed, organic juice the night before for a bottle of bright green the next morning! You can also create purple cubes with beetroot and watermelon or red ones with carrot and red capsicums for a bit of a kick!Superfood Supplements
Along with my green ice cubes, superfoods are a great way to add extra vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants into your juice or smoothie. Freeze dried acai berries (check that a product is 100% acai as many brands contain fillers such as maltodextrin to bulk up the powder), chia seeds, maca powder and spirulina are some of my favourites. Add a teaspoon or two into your juice or smoothie for a seriously healthy punch!Herbs & Spices
For centuries, herbs and spices have been used for their various medicinal properties. Readily available in most pantries, these humble seasonings can add a real kick to your liquid cleanse. Why not add some grated ginger for immunity, cayenne pepper for detox and circulation or parsley which has a whole host for health benefits or like mine, mint for ingestion.

I find that making healthy dietary changes are so much about good organisation, prepping on weekends, creating good habits and consulting a doctor if you’re making a major dietary change. As with an m Hope you find some of these tips as useful as I have and I’d also love to hear your juicing tips and favourite recipes.

Cassie xx

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