Accessories To Treat Yourself To When You’ve Landed Your First Job!

I recall the excitement of my first official job. It was my last semester at university and with immense excitement, I had landed myself an internship at a beauty company. Oh, how I dreamed of the no less than flawless corporate attire I would wear; feminine silk blouses, cute pencil skirts and crisp tailored suit jackets – deluded by one of my favourite films, The Devil Wears Prada.

Then there was reality. Much like the film, my experience of entering the corporate world as a fresh graduate was like breaking in a new pair of leather heels; tiresome, painful yet exhilarating and addictive all at once! While stillettos and pencil skirts haven’t quite made the daily ritual, I do have a few must-have essentials that I believe every working girl should reward herself with when landing that first big break!

The Bag
You might have spotted this one in a couple of my outfit post. My Philip Lim 3.1 Pashli is my everyday bag for the office. It’s the perfect size to carry a small notebook, pen, a few snacks, a bottle of water, make up and a light-weight cashmere throw as the office can get chilly! While it doesn’t need a designer label attached, my preference is always for something classic, a comfortable yet practical size that compliments any outfit. Opt for a dark colour to hide scuff marks and avoid anything too blingy or ostentatious, after all you should be the star of your career, not the bag!

The Stationary
I have a secret love for stationary! There’s something about matching stationary that makes my day. If you’re on the job hunt, I highly recommend getting yourself a compendium. Mine comes with a sleeve for loose papers (great for carrying copies of your resume and job description), a notepad, a pen and business card holders. Not only will you look super chic but more importantly, professional and organised. This compendium will also come in useful when you’ve landed gig, especially if you’re traveling for business or meeting clients!

The Watch

Like most people, whipping out my mobile phone to check the time is little more than a reflex. However, the humble wrist watch is the perfect sophisticated finish to any corporate outfit. I don’t tend to carry my mobile around in the office so this classic timepiece comes in handy for keeping me punctual for those internal meetings!

The Shoes

Being vertically challenged, heels for me are a must! I tend to go for chunky or kitten heels which depending on the nature of your new role, are perfect for dashing around in! This brownish-black pair by Melissa Shoes goes with just about any outfit while the heart-shaped gold buckles lends a little personality to my business attire.

The Scent

They say you should only ever use 1-2 different perfumes at a time to create that association between you and a specific scent (which can be difficult if you like collecting and displaying those pretty bottles on your dresser!). The key is to choose something clean and pleasant. Being a floral kind of gal, this perfume stick by L’Occitane takes me from day to night and has become a hand bag staple – a real lifesaver after a hectic (and possibly sweaty) day’s work. Stay away from anything overpowering. You want to leave a lasting impression that doesn’t detract from your awesome personality!

Good luck to any job hunters out there. Fingers crossed that the perfect one is just right around the corner!

Cassie xx

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